Product Range:
We can offer your good selves quality Woven Fabrics, Sheetings, Twill, Drill, Sateen, Herringbone Twills, Percales and quality Made ups etc. in 100% Cotton and Polyester / Cotton in unbleached calico, bleached, dyed, prints, bed sets, flat sheets, fitted sheets, quilt covers, pillow covers, pillow ticks etc. Also we are manufacturing 100% Polyester Satin on Water Jet Looms in Dyed & Prints etc.

Loom Sector:

Power Loom:  This is the standard/normal shuttle loom without automation.

Auto Loom:  This is the loom with cop / shuttle change automation.

Shuttleless / Sulzer Loom: This is the projectile loom.

Air jet Loom: This loom has air weft insertion mostly produces fabric with leno selvedge.

Water Jet Loom: This loom has water weft insertion, it produced high quality 100% Polyester fabrics.